People and Culture

The crew of TWO OCEANS is highly experienced and composed of Bernat (Captain), Violeta (Hostess) and Valentina (Chef). Given that there are three crew members on TWO OCEANS they are able to provide guests with unmatched levels of service and meet your every request.They can’t wait to show you the wonders of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean and ensure a spectacular vacation with many enduring memories!

Bernat Bujsala

Bernat grew up in Barcelona, Spain and has been sailing for the last 13 years on vessels from 47’ up to 90’.He also has significant maritime experience having worked on commercial vessels up to 3000 Gross Tons. Bernat studied Navigation, Marine Transport and Deep Sea Diving in school so he feels at home on the sea.He has significant experience in the Mediterranean as well as the Caribbean and is perfectly suited to show you amazing spots in both locations.Bernat feels very lucky to be a captain because he is always at sea, being able to dive and swim, and having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share great experiences on board.


•Master on Merchant Ships up to 500 GT (STCW)

•Mate on Merchant Ships up to 3000 GT (STCW)

•Advanced Firefighting

•Specific Advanced Health Training

Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) GOC General Operator


Valentina Calixto

Growing up in a small city in Chile, Valentina has always had a desire to explore the world.She is a Chef with experience in various types of cuisines and a lover of Healthy cuisine.Valentina is passionate about her cooking in which she tries to fuse the different flavors of the world. She is known for prioritizing and understanding everyone needs and preferences and for expanding her culinary horizons and bringing fresh, new ideas to the table, while respecting classic culinary techniques.

Valentina’s love of cooking was inspired by her grandmother’s traditional recipes cooked with love for family and her parent’s emphasis on innovative, creative healthy dishes. This fusion of foods captivated Valentina and caused her to explore and broaden her culinary path. Since she pursued culinary studies and has experience in different countries like, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Italy she has become a worldwide global cuisine lover and expert. She believes that one should never stop learning, and therefore she challenges herself to try something new in the kitchen every week. Valentina finds joy in sharing her cooking with others and can’t wait to surprise you with her menus!


• ENG1


Violeta Aused

Violeta grew up in Barcelona, Spain and has been sailing for the last 10 years on charter vessels from 42’ (skipper) up to 120’ (deckhand and hostess). Violeta has significant experience throughout the Mediterranean as well as the Caribbean and received training from one of the largest charter yacht management companies. She studied Hospitality Management and has been working in it since then. She made her sailing hobby her job and she is very passionate about it. She can teach you how to sail or prepare a wonderful cocktail to enjoy on TWO OCEANS front bow or in the flybridge where you can experience amazing 360° views.


• PPER Professional Vessel Captain

• Yacht Captain

• STWC 95 Basic Safety

• Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene

• Yacht Skipper