Caribbean sailing

6/14/20231 min read

Two Ocean Catamarans, a family business specializing in chartering catamarans in Caribbean, has strategically chosen Bali as its main partner for a truly unparalleled maritime experience in the Caribbean. The decision to collaborate with Bali, a renowned catamaran manufacturer, ensures top-notch craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, guaranteeing a fleet of high-performance vessels. Partnering with Med Cat Yacht, a leading Mediterranean catamaran service provider, adds a global perspective and expertise to Two Ocean Catamarans' services.

Moreover, teaming up with Media for Marine, a dedicated marine media platform, enhances the visibility and reach of Two Ocean Catamarans, fostering a seamless connection with enthusiasts and potential clients. Media for Marine ensures top-notch multimedia documentation, capturing every moment of the journey to create lasting memories.

This trifecta of partnerships combines craftsmanship, international experience, and media exposure to provide an ultimate sailing experience in the Caribbean. Clients can expect a blend of luxury, reliability, and global influence, making Two Ocean Catamarans the epitome of excellence in the catamaran chartering industry.